Working at TE3CO

TE3CO is proud of our customer-focused culture.

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Our employees embody our company Pillars Of Excellence through working smart, safely and going the extra mile to deliver best-in-class service to our customers, vendors and fellow team members.

We know that the best companies attract the best talent, and that the companies with the best talent win in a competitive marketplace.

We take great pride in providing a workplace that enables people to perform to their best, reach their career goals and enjoy coming to work every day.


TE3CO is committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees and customers.
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TE3CO Pillars of Excellence

  • Focused on Service, Safety and Performance.
  • Smart, Dedicated and Stable Workforce.
  • Customer Focused, Attentive and Engaged.
  • Highly Trained Field Service Technicians and Engineers.
  • Commitment to Safety and Protection of the Environment.
  • Customer First Attitude.
  • Excellence in Operations.
  • Empowered and Accountable.
  • Best Technology, Best Manufacturing, Highest Quality.
  • Reliable, Intelligently Designed and Easily Serviced.
  • Superior Operational Availability.
  • Flexible Design with Broad Operating Envelopes.
  • Available 24/7/365.
  • Best-In-Class End-to-End Response.
  • Commitment to Collaboration.
  • Company Founded on "Servant Leadership" Principle.