Safety. Commitment.

Since our inception, we have focused primarily on mission critical pressure relief for fracking operations. We employ a highly-trained and capable workforce of field technicians and engineers who maintain our electronically controlled PRV system to allow for uninterrupted operation.


Founded 2016

TE3CO was co-founded by former CEO and Safety RAT inventor Clayton Dale in 2016 as a “start-up” pressure relief equipment and services provider. Our vision and strategy is to improve pressure relief reliability, reduce downtime and deliver the safest, highest quality service at the lowest possible cost.

TE3CO has grown from a startup business to a service industry specialist in just over 48 months. In that period, our geographic footprint and the areas we service has expanded exponentially. Initially focused in the Marcellus shale, we now have operations centers covering the Mid-Continent, Haynesville shale, Eagle Ford shale, Marcellus shale, and Permian Basin. We also have operations in Alberta, Canada, via Topco Oilfield Products.


Commitment & Reputation

TE3CO has developed a reputation for partnering with our customers, growing with them over time. We do this by committing technology, expertise, equipment and personnel, with each element adding value to the services we deliver. Our “best-in-class” maintenance and support program enables continuous, un-interrupted field operations, allowing TE3CO to optimize our equipment performance and stand by service.

In an increasingly stringent regulatory environment, TE3CO is committed to working collaboratively with our customers to operate in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible. We have dedicated personnel committed to helping our customers to navigate environmental regulations, both as it regards to the initial design of the compressor unit and the installation and start-up, as well as the ongoing operations and compliance activities.



The fracking business deals with exceptionally high pressures, and nothing is more important than safety. Safety is our’s and our customers highest priority; therefore, we dedicate significant resources to ensure that we have the policies, procedures and people in place to meet our stated goal – "nothing less than ZERO injuries".

We are dedicated to promoting continuous improvement in all HSE functions and we empower our employees to take the responsibility for their own safety and that of those around them.

Our focus on safety not only protects the health of our employees and customers, it also makes us the employer and pressure control service provider of choice for all those who value safety.


A safe organization is an effective organization.